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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 2, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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it is a rehearsal or the election for us. we will do a special report sunday night in the same place and same time and we will be here constantly through the end of the day tuesday. hope you have a great weekend." see you sunday. the o'reilly factor is on. >> companies hired more workers in october than at anytime in the last eight months. >> he said he was going to lower the unemployment rate, down to 5.2% right now. today we learned it's actually 7.9%, and that's 9 million jobs short of what he promised. >> new job numbers out today. there's good news for president obama and some bad news. how will this affect the vote? and is the national press reporting the story accurately? lou dobbs and i will analyze. >> there's something much more fundamental about mitt romney. he seems so old-fashioned when it comes to women. >> a new study shows that two out of the three cable news networks are more negative than positive toward mitt romney.
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can you guess what two they are? bernie goldberg and i will have some thoughts. >> i don't have anything, anywhere to go, i don't have no clothes. >> the new york city area really suffering because of hurricane sandy. we will have the latest on that. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now! hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. as was predicted yesterday, the national media is reporting today's economic news is a plus for president obama. i'm not saying the data is not a plus, i'm just telling you what the national media is doing. i'm reporting, not analyzing. but now i'll start analyzing.
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i listen to cbs radio every morning. it's usually pretty fair in its assessment of the news. but i knew when the economic data came out today cbs would report it this way. >> the labor department's october employment report, the last big reading on the economy before election day shows stronger than expected job gains. but more people were look for work last month and that pushed unemployment a tenth of a point higher to 7 .9%. still a pickup of 171,000 jobs is significant. economist stewart hoffman calls it the real deal. >> a good gain in jobs, a widespread gains, this isn't a fluke, it's a genuine improvement in the jobs market. >> in a moment lou dobbs will tell us if he agrees with that point of view. here is what is really happening. unemployment ticked up to 7.9%. however, there were more jobs available in october. in fact, the workforce rose by 578,000 americans. that's good. the reason unemployment went up
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is because more americans are now looking for jobs because more jobs are becoming available. the bad news is that unemployment among african americans jumped almost a full percentage point from 13.4% to 14.3%. that is a disaster. also, the real unemployment rate in october was 14.6%, including people who have given up looking for work. bottom line, 12.5 million americans who want to work, can't find employment. the candidates responded. >> in 2008 we were in the middle of two wars and the worst economic crisis since the great depression. today our businesses have created nearly 5.5 million new jobs and this morning we learned that companies hired more workers in october than at anytime in the last eight months. >> he said he was going to lower the unemployment rate down to 5.2% right now. today we learned that it's actually 7.9%.
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and that's 9 million jobs short of what he promised. unemployment is higher today than when barack obama took office. now, as always, you make the call on which can date has a better grasp of the economy. of course, that will be the deciding factor in the election on tuesday. finally, i think i've covered this economic deal today fairly and my prediction of yesterday that the mainstream media, which overwhelmingly supports president obama's re-election, will use the last few days to bolter mr. obama looks to be on track. but i want to know what you think about the factor's election coverage analysis. we are asking in a new poll. do you believe the factor has been fair covering the election? do you believe the factor has been fair covering the election? yes or no. and we will give you the results on monday. that's a memo. now the top story tonight, let's bring in the aforementioned economic guru, lou docks. and you say? >> i say unemployment right now is higher than when president
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obama took office in 2009. and that's not good enough to be of any significant, in my opinion, any significant help to gov. romney. and that is 23 million people without work, who are working without, you know, a full-time job who want them or have given up work being all together. >> so you, lou dobbs, take the exact opposite stance that cbs news radio takes? exactly the opposite? >> imagine that. >> but look, come on now, cbs radio goes out to thousands of radio stations, people like me listen to it in their car or when you get up, this and that. you respect -- are a respected economic reporter. you say i don't think it's logical. >> you know they have to spin it the president's way.
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>> what it portrays a lack of understanding what is happening here and the numbers tell the story. this is a workforce in this country of over 135 million people. we see a net change within that of 171,000 people in one month. it takes about 150,000 of them to just keep up with population growth and suddenly there's economists on the air of cbs that say this is a broad-based change in direction. it is not. it's an improve men, a slight improvement if anything at all, and that's the fact of the matter. >> okay. so you say, and i'm sure with all due respect. >> surely. i like that respect word. >> that the economists, they chose, cbs chose, a guy named hoffman, that he doesn't really know what is going on? he doesn't really know what you say that this isn't just a little grip, it doesn't indicate anything on the overall economy. there's no indicator hearby. >> one way to look at that, this is one month out of 48 in which
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president obama will have been president. 1/48th and to make broad declarations about it is nonsense. >> what if i were to say you were a romney partisan, that you believe in robust capitalism, less regulation on business, which i think is true >> that's true. >> and there are you are spinning this negative against the president because you want romney to win. >> no, not at all. i want the american people to win. i will tell you point-blank, if we didn't have 23 million people unemployed who are seeking work, if we didn't have a nation looking for -- >> i think 12.5. you are saying 23. >> i'm saying 23 million people. >> some of them don't want to really work, right? >> that could be one view. my point of view is they were so discouraged out of time, and millions are employed six months or longer in this country. >> you are a fairly sophisticated guy when it comes to economics. everything else you are -- >> can we go back to the
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economics? >> the voter is going to hear cbs radio and they are going to hear the other national media on friday, saturday and sunday. basically tell them -- >> the economy is getting better. >> the same message that the president has. i don't know if the romney campaign has any answer to that. >> i don't think they need an answer, bill. i think the obama campaign is making a big mistake. they are out today and the president with a message saying his policies have worked. the 23 million people disagree. the middle class in this country, all of whom have lost on average $4,000 a household in income. >> that's the key. you just hit it. it's income. it's -- these stats don't mean anything. >> and sometimes i get lucky like this. >> i said you were so fist indicated in economics. that's the key but you don't hear the governor going out with a trumpet and say that's what it's all about, take-home pay, and your take-home pay is going down. last word.
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>> the last word, this economy, as you said in your opening remarks, this election is about the economy. if it's about the economy, the most trusted man in this race is gov. romney, on the issue of the economy, and that looks like it will be a powerful influence in the direction in what is a tied race right now. >> lou dobbs, everybody. next, a new study of the three cable news network. there's data concerning positive and negative coverage of mitt romney. bernie goldberg will discuss. and how the vote may go down tuesday evening. the factor will be right back. [ female announcer ] today, jason is here to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength
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her dream -- to be the area's hottest interior design office. [ children laughing ] right now, she just dreams of an office. get a free trial at >> tonight a new study from the project for excellence in journalism. look at the three major networks evaluating positive and negative
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coverage of the two presidential candidates. since i don't know what "positive" means, i am throwing that out and i can do that because i'm the anchor of the program. but i absolutely do know what negative means and here's the stats on that. gov. romney, 36% of the coverage has been negative, 63% neutral. nbc, and fox news 12% negative, 60% neutral. join us now from north carolina. bernard goldberg. there's a reason i'm throwing out the positive is because that's almost impossible to quantify. i mean, it could be a number of things. but negative means you are doing something bad so that's easy. i just want to clarify that. first of all, does it matter what the cable news networks
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say? >> if by does it matter if you mean does it matter in terms of the election, the answer is overwhelmingly no. here's why. people chews the cable network to watch for a bunch of reason, but one of them is they want their own views validated. if you are a conservative you are not watching a lot of times spending msnbc and more conservatives watch fox than liberals. >> let me stop you there. in every study that's been taken of this program, which is the flagship at 8:00 p.m., there is a large, independent audience. >> right. >> and a significant democratic liberal audience here. >> i totally believe that. i totally believe that. and i said one of the reasons they watch is to get their views validated. another is they just want to watch the more interesting channel. and i think, and i'm not saying this because i'm here tonight, fox is more interesting than the one-note samba of msnbc.
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but let's take them for a moment. this is funny, by the way, 71% of the stories on mitt romney were negative. 3% were positive for mitt romney. 3%. >> see, i don't believe that. i don't believe the positive thing. i believe the negative. i don't believe the positive. i don't think any of the stories there were positive. zero. >> you think it was less than 3%? >> it didn't even rise to 3%. 3% was a stammer. >> i got it. let's put it this way -- >> you know why. they don't have a bret baier or a shepard smith hour. they don't have that. >> got it. >> it's all zombie land. go ahead. >> got. it that's why they can't even vaguely be considered a news organization. they , in effect, -- >> a left wing channel. that's what they are. >> no, they are barack obama campaign headquarters. >> right now they are.
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>> but your question does it matter, the reason i say no is because most of the people who watch msnbc don't like mitt romney anyway. >> let's stick with the factor, though. i try to be fair and i tee everybody off. i have everybody mad at me, left, right, center, you, whoever it may be. krauthammer. but i believe we have some influence here. what we try to do, and we just did it with lou dobbs; separate fact from propaganda, which as you know, and you were the first one to even write about this in your book "bias," now fact and propaganda is together in the hard news coverage. >> you know, i say this about once every other year. you have again stumbled on to a very important point. and here's why. personally -- i mean, i'm a viewer far more often than i'm sitting in a chair talking to you. i'm a viewer most of the time.
8:17 pm
i prefer analysts who are honest. conservatives or liberals who will give an honest opinion, even if it hurts their team. and i prefer that overwhelmingly to somebody who is just going to give political spin. and i think on this program, i mean, yeah, are there some people. >> not many, them we really try to get people like you. >> that's right. >> -- who speak their mind and go against maybe what their philosophy is if the facts say it. i have to get on to this real quick. another study, center for media and public affairs, analyzed the late night guys and their jokes. romney by far was the butt of the most jokes. 148 in the time period studies and president obama 62. once again, does that matter in the election? >> okay. first of all, we live in a liberal culture.
8:18 pm
the news media is liberal, women's magazines are liberal. hollywood is liberal. academia is liberal, and it shouldn't surprise us that late night comedians are liberal, too, and their writers are and they find it much funnier to take a shot at a guy like romney than their guy, barack obama. but does it matter? i think the evidence is it doesn't matter much because the jokes are overwhelmingly against romney. he's the butt of most of the jokes. but the policy don't reflect. that the policy are reflecting a very close race. so if the jokes are overwhelmingly in one direction and it mattered, then the polls would be wider in president obama's favor. >> the other thing i would point to is bill clinton was unmercifully mocked. >> and he got elected twice. >> there you go. bernie goldberg, ahead. directly ahead, senator john mccain on who will win the
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presidency. he has some passionate thoughts about the libya situation. and later on. bernard mcquirk forced to evacuate hit home on long island. he will tell us all about it upcoming. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. for up to 16 hours of relief, try thermacare.
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>> personal story segment. there's perhaps known more qualified in the country right now to speak about the last days of a presidential campaign than senator john mccain. four years ago he thought he would win the presidency. no he has some very strong views on what will happen tuesday night. also senator mccain is furious, furious about libya. i spoke with him last night. senator, first of all, are you surprised that the libyan story hasn't gotten much tracks 2349 media? >> i guess surprise isn't the word. i'm very, very deeply disappointed. but i guess that i'm not shocked about it. but it sure is reprehensible.
8:23 pm
>> do you think it's a protect the president play by the mainstream media where they just don't care about libya? >> i think it's some combination of that and other factors. but i can tell you, this is a case where four brave americans lost their lives, and probably the most incompetent functioning as far as senate security is concerned of any administration in history. it's either that or willfully deceiving the american people or maybe a combination of both. >> is it enough for the president to say that his administration is investigating and will get to the bottom of it? >> there have been two previous attacks on our consulate. the fact that there were warnings, there's a report out today about a meeting on august 15th and the messages sent on the 16th about the lack of security. this has taken on all the earmarks, bill, of the classic
8:24 pm
scandal and coverup. the coverup continues to go on. today we know that the counterterrorism security group which is supposed to meet and coordinate the agencies of government when there's an act of terror never met. and the president should go on television and tell the american people. he was quick to go on television to tell the american people about the raid that got bin laden. have you heard any additional information from the president of the united states about this, except that we will have an investigation? and coincidentally, that investigation will not be completed until after the election. >> do you believe that president obama is going to get away with it? the voters have heard the story. i don't think it's going to resonate anywhere near the economy. so he's pretty much going to get away with all of this? >> well, i can tell you i'm hearing from veterans all over this country. i have talk to so many and hearing from men and women who
8:25 pm
are on active duty. they have no trust and no confidence in this president as their commander in chief. veterans all over america are at a level of anger that i have never seen before. and i think that may affect voting, at least in a state like florida where they have 1.6 million veterans. they are auroused and angry in a way i have not seen before. >> that's interesting. so where are we in the presidential race? this time four years ago you were running a little bit behind barack obama, but, you know, it was still a horse race. what's the difference between now and then? >> i think the biggest now is that the president did not have a record in 2008 to defend. and it still leads he to believe the small number of undecides, which will probably make-or-break this election will probably swing to mitt romney when they go into the ballot booth. history shows that undecides generally break for the
8:26 pm
challenger in close races because they know the incumbent so well. >> i do think this weekend there is going to be a pro obama cycle by the mainstream media based on the economy. that's going to be interesting to watch. >> i think that, and this four days for him doing his duties as president of this tragedy of the storm, sandy. and i appreciate the president's work there, but i also think we expect presidents to do that. and i believe that this election should be about jobs and the economy. >> now, four years ago in the debate you went light on barack obama about the reverend wright stuff. you didn't bring up a lot of his associations, resko and a lot of the chicago stuff. you basically took the high road. in the last debate, mitt romney did not bring up the libya stuff to any extent, whereby he could have, making it a bigger story.
8:27 pm
was that a mistake by the governor? >> i feel strongly about libya, as you know, bill. my background, my knowledge, my love of the military. i plead guilty. i plead guilty because i went to a refugee camp on a turkish border and met some women who had been gang raped and had their parents killed before their eyes. and this president sits back and watches it without even getting weapons to them. i'm angry and upset. maybe mitt romney, whose background and success i admire, probably may not have as much of an emotional connection but i think he's run a great race, i think he did a great job in the first debate, debate, and i stil believe he will win, although we will be up late. >> and the reference you just made was to the syrian situation on the turkish border where the president has pretty much stepped back from that. >> yes. doing covert -- >> and haven't lifted a finger
8:28 pm
to help these people. >> final question. think back four years ago. you thought you were going to win. you were campaigning as hard as i have seen anybody ever campaign. is there any difference between you and governor romney on the trail? >> no, i don't think so. i think he's -- he's got a great message. he's got people inspired. i think that clearly the first debate was a seminal moment in american politics. and the campaign. i think he's done a great job. senator, thank you very much. from fargo, north dakota, thanks again. senator mccain was in north dakota campaigning for a candidate there. and we will talk about the aftermath of sandy. and then we will have the latest polling numbers for you as the presidential vote is just days away. we hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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>> many americans are livid about what happened at benghazi. but mr. rivera has been more object i have about it. i thought you only beat up on me. >> i was trying to channel you. >> you are on the wrong side and here is why.
8:33 pm
we discussed this last week. during the terror attack on 9/11 it was impossible to get people in, the military in. it was too fast, two chaotic, the military is too far away. however in august, we now have documentation after documentation after documentation that ambassador stevens and others were telling hillary clinton, and it's right on her plate, telling hillary clinton, the secretary of state, that they could not protect themselves in this environment. the state department not only ignored that, but downgraded the security. now these are facts. you know, i've seen you in iraq. i've seen you in afghanistan. >> you've seen me in benghazi, libya. >> right. and in our the one of these touchy, feely, politically correct people on these issues. surely you are upset that the state department of the united states would not frequent their own? surely you are?
8:34 pm
>> i have to start where you started. the president of the united states has been absolutely slandered over this story. he's been called a murderer and a lier. >> not by anybody here, and not by rational people. >> there has been plenty of reporting about why he didn't bring the ac-130 gunship there. >> we were already there. rivera, you are going back on territory -- we are already past that >> i think the president is owed an apology. >> all right. why don't you go door to door and get that. stay on my point. >> now let's divide -- so there's three parts to the story -- >> but i want my part. >> i'm getting to it. >> get to it now. >> i am getting to it. i want to summarize so people aren't confused. >> they aren't confused. >> so the fred is owed an apology. he did everything he could have done during eight tack to keep people safe. >> you don't know that for a fact. that's your opinion. >> i know the senators today suggested as such, specifically in a letter --
8:35 pm
>> you give the president the benefit of the doubt. so that's okay. >> it's not giving him the benefit of the doubt -- >> no, no, you are -- go to my point. august, requested more security, not given. >> and they said today we did not have force necessary the region that could have intervened to save those lives period. that's what they said. >> so you are dodging my question totally on this? >> now go back to the two things i think you were right about. as much as i am uncomfortable agreeing with you, let me tell you why i do in part. remember, there's three parts of the story. part two i just said. part one is what about the security in the consulate in benghazi from the getgo? isn't that fair game that the state department did not do enough to protect ambassador stevens in benghazi and what the hell was he doing in benghazi
8:36 pm
knowing about the situation. that's a fair question and that's why i think there should be vigorous hearings about whose idea was it to keep our people in harm's way with so little help. now the evening of the attack, there's no reason to criticize the president or the cia -- >> this is the fourth time you said that. thank you. >> now to part three of the story. >> right. >> how they characterize the attack after the fact with susan rice going on the sunday show. >> misinformation. >> that also deserves severe inspection because i believe there are really valid questions about whether or not to protect the president -- >> so in two years -- here's the deal. >> they spun an an act of terrom into an act of vandalism. >> they should have held a press conference long before this and clarified those issues, yes? yes? >> yes and. >> thank you. as a leader of the country he
8:37 pm
should have held a press conference and clarified what happened. >> letter. now here's the press conference. by now we give you your press conference. what was the cia doing in benghazi, mr. president? >> i can't answer that because of senate security. >> are you ducking it? >> i'm not dubbing it. >> then why don't tell you why they are there. >> come on. >> but that's what you get from a press conference. >> bull. he just gets on and says this is what we know and this is what we see. that's all. he hasn't done it. he's running away from it because it would hurt him on the election. you know it. >> i just think that we have lost some good people under tragic circumstances that need really to be vigorously investigated, but it's not a political issue. >> when did you turn into a waffler? >> i know the militia. i'm a war reporter. >> then put you in charge of the investigation.
8:38 pm
>> i can have a press conference. i can answer these questions. >> geraldo, everybody. when we come back, the aftermath of hurricane sandy. bernard mckirk had to be dragged out of his house on long island that. report after these messages. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore.. newcaster: breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudding. and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! ah, that was good. too bad nobody could hear me. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. [ birds chirping ] are you sure you can fit in there? [ chuckles ] ♪ ♪
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>> this is the what the heck just happened segment tonight. a lot of people are happening that because of hurricane sandy. where i live, long island, a half a million people without hour and chaos all over the area because people can't get gasoline. the marathon was just cancelled. you can't debt there. so you live in long beach, right? >> two blocks from the worried of long beach. >> well, i was a lifeguard a couple of towns down you. a beautiful area. but they had to drag you out of your house, right? >> well, sort of. i left voluntarily yesterday because no power, you know, no heat obviously, this and that. and i saw monday night outbeside my front door the atlantic ocean coming down the block for about an hour and a half like the delaware rapids and watch it rise about an inch a minute for about an hour and a half. >> they didn't make leave before the storm? >> there was a mandatory evacuation. >> but you disobeyed.
8:43 pm
>> totally disobeyed. after hurricane irene we wanted to say. we were worried about property. >> so you stayed in violation, and mcquick, you can get arrested. the authorities are waiting after this segment to get you. but after you stayed in your area, you thought i'm on the north shore, i'm on the other side of the island from you. now gasoline on long island. they can't pump it because there's no power, right? >> can't get it. >> three and a half hours, four and a half hour waits at the few stations that are open. in your opinion are long islanders reacting well to this? what's -- >> i can speak for my hood, if you will, the long beach area. people are despondent, stunned, angry, confused, and waiting for help. there's nobody helping. they don't feel like anybody is being proactive. unlike governor christie, they don't feel there's anybody
8:44 pm
speaking up for them and that's the rackaways and those people too. >> and people in any neighborhood too, where is the power company, how come the governor isn't here, cuomo, and all of that. now gutfeld is the exact opposite. you don't have any problem, right? >> well, authorities were trying to convince me to stay. >> that's weird. >> , i don't but -- >> just let me explain why for a minute. because if the water rises, you drown first. >> you are an awful human being. you would cradle me in your arms and rescue me. >> over my arms. right over the shoulder. >> it would be a beautiful picture. i suffered nothing but guilt because nothing happened to me. >> you are in an apartment in new york city, right? >> yeah. all i did was sit in a room in the dark and drink wine and write poetry about you. but, no, i had no problems. >> you didn't lose power? >> didn't lose power.
8:45 pm
>> and if you were below a certain area in lower manhattan, they didn't have powers. >> i was fine. my biggest hardship was trying to figure out what kind of takeout i wanted. and my family would call me and i felt so guilty because i had nothing wrong with me. >> why don't you say mckirk in. >> he had some hygiene problems frankly i can't deal with. >> you are selfish. >> i'm a selfish person. >> there's no god, is there, bill o'reilly? >> people on the west side generally despise people like mckirk and i. >> i'm staying in a nice warm apartment in queens, my brother-in-law's place. >> so you are okay? >> i'm okay. thank you for asking. >> are you going to go back to the peach and live there again? >> i certainly am. when the power comes back. >> which will be in three or four years. >> so i hear. by started the cleanup already when i was there so i'm glad i
8:46 pm
didn't leave because now the cleanup has begun and i'm waiting for the power. >> you could be dead, though. we are jobing about it but when at the tell you to leave, you should leave. >> there were people whose houses were knocked off their foundations. >> right. that could have been you. >> could have easily been me. >> who would have been subbing for him tonight? >> it's a tough one. i have to say, i feel a little selfish, if there are any nursing students out there that don't have a place to stay, i do have. >> nursing students? >> yes. >> does that include male nurse necessary. >> depends how much i've been drinking. i have bunk beds, six or seven in one small room. >> bunk beds? >> yeah, just in case for this. >> but how long are those beds? >> they aren't long. even for the people sleeping in them it's not very long. >> we have a few laughs, ladies and gentlemen. the situation is so bad here and if you are not laughing about it you will put the nozzle of gas in your mouth.
8:47 pm
but what happened, there's no gas so you can do that. we hope everything works out for you. >> nobody cares about me. >> in the moment, the very latest presidential polling numbers. and the tip of the day, a column you might want to read. we will be right back. are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? [ male announcer ] it's the question we ask ourselves every day. is it the safest, the most efficient? the kind of vehicle to move not just people... but an industry forward? are we there yet? are we really? [ male announcer ] are we there yet? we are, for now. introducing the all-new seven passenger gl. motor trend's 2013 sport utility of the year. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. to a little girl who lived through it, this is more than a teddy bear. it's a step towards normal.
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8:50 pm
>> tons of new polling out today. the tracking has the presidential race tied at 48. in ohio, a vital state, they have it tied at 49. but the university of cincinnati has obama leading by 2 in ohio, 48-46. colorado, they have romney up by 3. 50-47. but a cnn poll has 50-48, obama. nevada, all the polls have the president lead bug it is close.
8:51 pm
same thing in wisconsin. president is ahead in all the polls except rasmussen, who has the race tied at 49. florida, all the policy out this week has obama leading romney, but very close. and in the commonwealth, up 5 points but cbs has the president up by two. north carolina, rasmussen has romney up by 6 and survey usa has the governor leading by 5. new hampshire, new england college has obama up by 6 over mitt romney. last week rasmussen had romney up by 2. and nbc has the president up by 6 points. got all that? joining us now from boston, david. he directs polling. >> he want to run it down from your point of view. you have canvassed the whole country, know what's going on.
8:52 pm
ohio, how do you see it? >> i see it really close. if you look at the last four polls, it's one point. 1 through 8 the poll was average four to five points. what we look at is the head-to-head number. the last three consecutive polls, excluding the two you mentioned were at 48. that's a sign of vulnerability. obviously you have seven candidates on the ballot. i think those polls that had the plus four, plus five overstated obama's support because they overcounting a strong democratic county, and they had a party differential in those polls of democrats with an 8 point advantage party affiliation. >> so you see romney momentum in ohio? >> i see romney strong enough to be within a point. and that's exactly where the last four polls showed him. >> so the governor has a very, very -- he has a very good chance in ohio. how about florida?
8:53 pm
>> i don't think so. as we talked about a couple weeks ago, both florida, north carolina and, as well, virginia, are still stuck in that ballot test number of under 48. florida and virginia are 47.8. the same place they have been for six weeks. they haven't grown. that ballot test number hasn't grown and obama has gone from leading 48-40 to now tied at 48. he hasn't grown at all. he's below 48 in some states and in north carolina in 46th. >> the momentum there is romney. florida, north carolina and virginia. >> i i believe so. >> just north of you, new hampshire. >> new hampshire a lot trickier. in our last new hampshire poll we had it tied at 47-47. the libertarian johnson candidate is a major player. he's a hidden weapon for barack obama, ironically, as a
8:54 pm
libertarian on the ballot. if people rotate against johnson and if the undecides break against the incumbent, i believe new hampshire could also be in play. between ohio and new hampshire, those, in my view, in addition to colorado, are the states people should focus on when look at the electoral votes. >> all the recent polling in new hampshire is the president's way. johnson is running on legalize pot. and i'm saying this semi facetiously, you think he would take from the president. people who like marijuana are generalally liberal people. am i wrong there. >> yes and no. he was a republican candidate at one short period of time. he identifies with people who are lib teariance, so he carries a little more strength than the eight northern counties. romney will do very well in the two biggest counties in new hampshire, hillsborough and
8:55 pm
rocking hal county. >> only seconds left. iowa, who is trend? >> i think it's going to be tough to beat barack obama. >> so obama, iowa. colorado? >> 17 candidates on the ballot, very difficult to say. that's even 49.5 could win colorado. >> all right. >> that's iffy. >> nevada looks to be obama. i've got to go. factor tip of the day, newspaper column you might like. the tip, 60 seconds away. raps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. for up to 16 hours of relief, try thermacare.
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. ♪ me it worth watching. ♪ the new 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. >> bill: tonight is a two-fer both concerning me. kind of vain but might be useful to you. my newspaper column is about the lessons all of us can learn from hurricane sandy even if
8:57 pm
you weren't affected. premium members only, sign up and get a free book to boot. factor tip of the day. the mail now ... not likely to happen but i appreciate her watching. >> bill: most likely will will not, sandy. it's tragic.
8:58 pm
>> bill: calm down, mike. >> thank you for your service, j.c.
8:59 pm
mail is great to hear, amy, i wrote the books to get the kids involved. thanks for being a good mom. that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website which is different than bill o'reilly .com. talking points memos are getting very important so if you miss it you can access it there. on monday evening i will not make a prediction about the race because unless something happens over the weekend that is startling but i'm going to tell you how it really is going shake down. not going to be a formal prediction but we are are going to go on the record on a lot of things. is monday night. we would like you tosspot ought oh he veronica moser the weekend about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to oh pine. word of the day, do not be facinorous. hard to say so people don'


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